Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I've been transferred to Sagamihara.  It has more of a city feel to it than Tama does (aside from the fact that both cities have plenty of ten-story apartment buildings).  I finally had to get a bike, since things are quite a bit more spread out than they were in Tama.  The elders' apartment is about a thirty-minute walk from the church.  (It was just around the corner in Tama.)  So, I got a little six-speed folding bike.  It's just fast enough for what I need, less expensive than a mountain bike, and it should be easier to transfer with.

I'm now living in the same apartment with two native Japanese elders. That's rare.  Right now there are about twenty-five missionary apartments in the mission with elders living in them, and only thirteen native Japanese elders.  The Japanese elder who's not my companion has been in the field for about six weeks, and he's training a brand-new missionary from Utah.

And I've got a ton more to write about, but I'm out of time.  XP

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