Monday, August 17, 2015

Castle on a Mountain

The Kamioooka (上大岡) area is full of hills and hills and gigantic hills.  (That's why it has three of the letter o in its name.)  There are some flat parts, but other than that it's all hills.  We live in a really nice (and very visible) apartment complex on top of a really, really big hill.  It's basically a castle on a mountain.  This area is also very densely populated.  Any square meter that's not a park is covered in buildings.  

They had the Bon festival last weekend.  I wish I payed more attention to what it was about (it has something to do with ancestors) but it was a good chance to talk to people.  Apparently there are going to be a lot more festivals coming up here soon.

Lanterns floating down the river in the Bon Festival

These two were going at this drum for hours... and then one of them got on the stage and started dancing with these clappers.  I talked to one of the drummers afterwards (the one who's drumming in this video), and he said he'd been doing it for eighteen years.

Monday, August 10, 2015


I'm being transferred to Kamioooka!  My new companion will be Elder
Kennedy.  He was in my MTC district.

Another reason I felt weird last week is that I had a pretty good
image of what life after my mission will look like, but I had no idea
what the last three months would be like.  I was pretty sure I'd be
transferring, but I really had no idea where I'd be or who I'd be
with, no idea what the ward would be like or who I'd be teaching or
what kind of finding we'd be doing.  It was a big, black void in my
forecast of the future.  That kind of uncertainty hasn't ever bothered
me before, though.  Oh well.  At least I have half of that filled in
now.  :P

We saw Elder Cluff off at the train station this morning.  He'll be
well on his way across the Pacific Ocean by the time we go to sleep
tonight.  In the meantime, I've been attached to another companionship
because transfer day isn't until Thursday.  My companionship is
closing this week (there are going to be four elders in this area from
now on, instead of six), so I'll be making sure that my investigators
are set up with the other elders.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I don't know what time is anymore

This is Elder Cluff's last week in the mission field.  We've got a
busy week set up, too, between lessons with investigators, and members
who want to have us over for dinner before he goes.  I just hope we
have time for him to pack before he has to go.

In the meantime, I've been having weird feelings.  I feel like I'm
almost done with my mission, but at the same time I know all too well
that an awful lot can still happen in the three months I have left.
(For example, I could go through two new areas and two new companions
(assuming no emergency transfers) and it wouldn't be surprising given
how it's been for me so far.)  I also have a nagging feeling in my gut
that I haven't accomplished enough yet and that I need to make the
most of what I've got left.  And at the same time I feel like my
mission so far has been a success...

It's going to be an interesting three months~