Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life at Headquarters

So, I'm now working in the mission office as tech staff.  My first day on the job, I got to deliver a presentation to the new missionaries about an app on their iPads.  Lately I've been helping a lot of the recently-transferred missionaries get their new area email accounts set up on their iPads, plus handling calls about other weird glitches and things.  Elder Berube and I also handle broken iPads, website maintenance, filming training videos, and other odd jobs.  We usually get an hour or two to proselyte each day, too.

The other day, I went on an exchange with the commissarian and we drove out to help four sister missionaries move into their new house.  They moved from an apartment to a three-story house.  (There are only a couple rooms on each floor, though.)

Including the six elders in the mission office, there are fourteen missionaries assigned to the Kichijoji ward.  That's a lot.

Life at mission headquarters is very busy.  But it's fun.  :3

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