Monday, July 28, 2014


Our church got struck by lightning last week during sports night.  It didn't actually damage anything except that it blew out a couple fuses in the fire alarm system, which made the fire alarms all go off.  We had to grab the master key and go into the room with the fire alarm control panel and figure out how to reset it.  Of course, the control panel was all in Japanese.  It was an adventure.  x3

In other news, they had transfer calls today.  President Wada made some huge changes.  All of the zone leaders have been split up.  Normally, each zone has two zone leaders, and those zone leaders are companions with each other.  Now, each zone leader is in a different area, and in most cases each zone leader is companions with their local district leader.  (There are still two zone leaders per zone.)

I'm still in the mission office, working as tech staff, and Elder Berube is still my companion, but Elder Berube is now a zone leader (and still tech staff).  This is going to be an interesting transfer.  ^__^

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