Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beginning of Autumn

I've had a relatively nasty cold since Friday.  Elder Gammon thinks that the new missionaries brought it from the MTC.  With so many people coming in and out of an isolated facility and living there for a few weeks, it makes sense that it would have a unique cold that's just evolved over the decades going around all the missionaries.  Because of that, a lot of elders get their first chance there to deliver priesthood blessings.

The big project that Elder Gammon and I have been working on is preparing the entire mission to take an online language speaking assessment that the MTC wants us to do as part of a three-year study they've started.  It doesn't work on our iPads yet, so missionaries need to get computer access, which actually isn't very easy in Tokyo.  Libraries don't have public computers, we're not allowed to use Internet cafes, and there aren't very many family history centers in the mission.  And all the missionaries need to take the assessment in the same week.

Hopefully they'll have it ready for the iPads before we have to do this again in December. :P

O-Mikoshi Parade

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