Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year

The assistants decided to do transfer calls on Sunday night this week
instead of Monday, which actually kind of made it harder to sleep.
I'm transferring from Atsugi to Kawasaki on Thursday, and my new
companion is going to be Elder Brooksby.

The new year is one of the most important holidays in Japan.  We got
four meal appointments with members on the week of New Year's Day
(usually we get around two or three a month in this ward, I think).
There wasn't a very good place anywhere close to our apartment to
watch the first sunrise, but we did end up finding an arched bridge
that worked pretty well.  My first food and drink of the new year was
a cheeseburger and a warm lemon drink from Circle-K (convenience
store).  I didn't think of that until after I ate it.  o.0

It snowed on New Year's Day, too.  Not enough to shut anything down,
but enough to surprise everyone.  Snow doesn't usually happen here for
another couple of months.  It stuck for about a day, as I recall.

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