Monday, April 13, 2015

April Rain

This past weekend was Japan's weekend for General Conference.  An American family in our ward invited us over for the first two sessions Saturday, and they got pizza from Costco in between the sessions. :3  And then we went to our ward building for each of the other sessions. It was the first time they'd shown it at the local ward building (before that, everyone had to go to the stake center in Hakuraku).  Only a handful of people showed up, though.  Apparently most of the other members either watched it at home or went up to the stake center anyway to see their friends from across the stake.  It was the quietest General Conference weekend I've seen here.

It's been raining a lot lately.  The cherry blossoms didn't last very long this year... maybe because of the rain.  But we definitely enjoyed them while they lasted.  ^__^

I got invited to a district leader training conference this week. This might mean I'm going to get assigned to be a district leader.  Or it might mean nothing at all.   :P  I honestly don't think I care either way.

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