Sunday, November 24, 2013


The Japanese-speaking elders who left the week we came in left us a note on a whiteboard that read, "You merely moved into the MTC, we were born in it."  

Missionaries who are assigned to serve in their native language only get two weeks in the MTC.  Us Asian-language-speaking missionaries get to stay here for nine weeks.  It's really a blessing, but it's also long enough to get settled in enough to start feeling like there's nothing new happening.  xP

Last week on Saturday night was our first experience with "TRC", where member volunteers who speak our language will come and visit with the missionaries.  They don't roleplay investigators, so it's more like home teaching in Japanese.  Most of the volunteers here speak English, too, so it's not quite as hard as teaching our investigators, though in the future weeks we might TRC via Skype with people who are actually living in Japan.  o.0

Our daisenpai are now out in the field, but our branch didn't get any new kohai this week (something to do with the holiday season, apparently), so it's been a lot quieter in the residence halls.  They're closing the Provo Temple next week until the end of the year for renovations, so today was our last visit to the temple for the rest of our stay here.  It's really been a blessing to visit the temple every week up to now, and now we'll have more time on P-days.  

I'm happy.  ^____^

Love you all!
~Elder Taylor

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