Saturday, November 30, 2013


Thanksgiving was awesome.

Elder Russel M. Nelson and his wife came to speak to us for the morning devotional.  The day was so full that I can hardly remember what they talked about, but it was awesome.  ^__^  We did get turkey and mashed potatoes for lunch, and after lunch we made sack dinners to eat later.  

After lunch, there was a presentation by the Church humanitarian department, during which we learned about the Church welfare system and service projects, and then all the missionaries were divided into two groups.  The first group (the one I was in) stayed in the auditorium for the Thanksgiving program while the other group went to do a service project.  The Thanksgiving program was different.  Normally, we don't applause at devotionals or anything else that we do in the auditorium, but applause was encouraged here!  The program went like this:
  • Piano solo: Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter (Look up the version of Hedwig's Theme that the Piano Guys have on their YouTube channel.  THAT's the version this elder played.)
  • Everyone sings: Over the River and Through the Woods
  • A skit about the 1st Thanksgiving
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic music video, with pictures and video of missionaries and locations around the world
  • Fiddle number: Boil the Cabbage Down (that was some intense fiddling!)
  • Hark, All Ye Nations music video, in which all of the missions (except for the brand-new ones, like mine) were listed in alphabetical order
At this point, we switched gears from applause to more serious.  They had some missionaries share what they were grateful for and hymns that go with that, and we sang a verse from each of those hymns.   They then had one of the elders share his story; he had dropped out of high school, enlisted in the Army, and fallen away from the Church, and then he was deployed to Iraq and his commanding officer was LDS.  That man taught him the gospel again and now he's in the MTC.  After that awesome story we finished with a "This Is the Christ" music video.

After the program, we went and ate our sack dinners, and then the groups switched.  The other group went to watch the program while my group went to finish the service project.  I understand this project was on the news: over 350,000 dry soup bags for hungry kids in Utah.  I spent an hour or so wearing an itchy hair net and a pink tie while scooping pink salt into a yellow funnel.  It was awesome.  X3

After the service project, everyone in the MTC went back to the auditorium and ended up singing Primary songs while the media guys repaired their equipment.  Once that was fixed we watched the movie Ephraim's Rescue.  That was a cool movie.  ^__^

And once it got dark, they turned on the Christmas lights.  :D  

Love you all!
~Elder Taylor

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