Monday, May 11, 2015

Birthday, Mother's Day, Transfer Day

We finally did my birthday cake the other night.  Only about 50 days
late.  :P  It was a two-layer cake with the bottom layer made from
cookie dough, and it was all cooked in the rice cooker.  It was kind
of a crazy venture and it turned out looking bizarre, but it was
delicious anyway.  :3

Today I talked with my family via Skype for the last time before
coming home.  My family video-called some of my other relatives during
the call, so I said hi to my grandparents and a couple of my aunts
through my iPad through the Internet through my laptop through a
smartphone through the Internet through their was kinda
cool :P  My next oldest brother will most likely be out on his mission
by the time I get back, so I'm expecting that the next time I'll see
him is over Skype this Christmas.

We got word last week that they've altered the transfer schedule.
Instead of getting our transfer announcements on Monday next week and
transferring the following Thursday, we're getting the announcements
this Saturday and transferring on Monday.  o.0

The top layer was made like a normal cake.  The bottom layer was made
from cookie dough.  It's half cake, half cookie cake.  And buttercream

Elder Wallace made it for us.  :3

Exactly 50 days late, if I'm calculating correctly...

Screenshot from today's Skype call.  This is the last time I call my
family before I actually go home in six months~~~

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