Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Open House

May 3-5th in Japan is a string of three different holidays right in a
row.  Because of that they call this week "Golden Week" and have
festivals all over the place.  We saw a Pokémon festival going on up
by Landmark Tower today, and there was a J-pop culture festival going
on in one of the parks the other day.

For Golden Week, Yamate Ward turns the church into a temporary
visitor's center and opens it up for tours.  There were displays set
up for family history, temples, the Book of Mormon, and the history of
the Church in Japan, and a room with lemonade and cookies and movies
playing, and organ music playing in the chapel.  They had missionaries
and members come from all over the stake to help give tours, to stand
out in front of the church to direct people inside, and to go out into
the parks and hand out fliers to the crowds of people.  That was my
Monday and Tuesday.  Our P-day got pushed to Wednesday as a result.

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