Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Heat

Elder Cluff has been calling up all the people he knew when he was in
the area last year, and we've been able to start meeting with quite a
few of them again.  He was here in Sagamihara quite a bit longer than
I was, so he had more and better connections.  Incidentally, Elder
Cluff is known as one of the biggest goofballs in the mission.  He can
make people laugh.  We've been having a lot of fun.  ^__^

It's been raining for the past couple weeks, but over this weekend
it's all cleared up and the sun's been out in all its glory.  It's
humid.  And hot.  Even the wind is hot.  I feel like I'm swimming
through the atmosphere.  The sun reflects off the sweat on the back of
my hands.  I want the rain back.  :P  I'm glad I was working in the
mission office last summer (air conditioning <3).

We got news (from a member of our bishopric, who saw it on Facebook)
that they have Meet the Mormons translated into Japanese and they're
going to send a copy to each ward.  That's really exciting.  :3  We've
already been using it in the mission, setting up movie nights and
providing our own interpretation.  It's going to be a lot easier to do
that once these new copies show up.

I saw this at the supermarket across the street, and I knew someone
 was going to want to see a picture of it.

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