Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lots More Snow

So, this past week the MTC staff gave me new nametags which said テイラー姉妹, which translates to "Sister Taylor".  XD  I informed them of the mistake and now I have the correct one: テイラー長老 (Elder Taylor).  We're not allowed to wear the Japanese nametags until after we leave the MTC, though.  The ones they gave me when I got here have my name and title in English and the name of the Church in Japanese.

Elder Holland was scheduled to come speak at our devotional on Tuesday, but he couldn't make it because of the snow, so Bruce C. Hafen got a call at 4:30pm asking him to speak at the MTC at 7:00pm.  He's a former member of the Seventy, and this year he just finished serving as president of the St. George Temple.  He talked about the temple and how it affects us on our missions. It was a good devotional.  ^__^

At TRC last week, Elder Soto and I taught a sister who had served a mission in Japan and then married a man who had also served in Japan.  She said that when her kids were old enough for her family to read the scriptures together, they would read them in Japanese.  I think that's awesome!  I want to teach my kids to read and speak Japanese like that too.  ^___^  After we taught her, we taught another returned missionary from Japan, and it wasn't until we got the feedback slips back that we made the connection that those two we taught were married to each other.  xD

I've only got about three weeks left here in the MTC.  The senpai are leaving on Monday, so soon we'll be the oldest ones here.  Going to Japan is starting to feel more and more real now.  o.0

~Elder Taylor (テイラー長老)

Sister Taylor

Elder Taylor

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