Sunday, December 29, 2013


So.  Christmas was pretty awesome.  We started the day with breakfast and email, and then we had a Christmas celebration, which was basically a talent show by the missionaries.  My favorites were the Yiddish Bottle Dance (one of the elders did a slow-motion dance with a mostly-full plastic bottle on his head whilst singing nothing in particular) and a show by The Great Manchik Enkhjargal and The Enchanting Roman Curiel.  The Roman Curiel played the piano while The Great Manchik Enkhjargal turned handkerchiefs into batons and umbrellas, pulled cards in and out of thin air, threw glitter everywhere, and did all sorts of other magic tricks.  

After the celebration was lunch, which was pretty much the same as Thanksgiving lunch, and then we made sack dinners (which was pretty much the same as Thanksgiving dinner).  And then we had our Christmas devotional.  Elder Bednar and his wife came to the devotional.  ^__^  Elder Bednar talked a bit about inspired questions, and then he announced that the rest of the devotional would be a question-and-answer session.  He explained that he had an Ipad, and there was a number to which we could text anonymous questions, and those questions would show up on his Ipad.  Then he explained that the media department had 200 cell phones which they were going to pass around so that we could text questions to him.  (The international MTCs who were also watching the devotional had an email address to which they could send questions to Elder Bednar.)  This way Elder Bednar ended up talking about a lot of different things at the devotional, according to the missionaries' interest.  There were a few questions which he figured his wife could answer better than he could, so he invited her up a few times.  I thought that was cool.  ^__^

I'm not able to explain why the MTC had all those cell phones and yet wasn't able to let us all call home on Christmas.  My guess that there were other logistical issues besides the quantity of hardware.  <shrug>

After the devotional we had some time with our districts, and then we went to the Christmas program.  Ray Smith, a music instructor at BYU, came with his jazz band and played for us.  I'm not usually a fan of jazz music, but I liked this show.  After that was dinner, and then the Christmas special, where we watched a recording of a Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert.  They had a bag of kettle corn for every missionary there!

So, to sum up, we had four meetings: a Christmas celebration, a Christmas devotional, a Christmas program, and a Christmas special.  xP

Yesterday was our in-field orientation.  They taught us about finding investigators, working with members, and goal-setting and planning in the mission field.  And we were really tired at the end of the day.

Today is our last P-day in the MTC.  Tomorrow is our last Sunday in the MTC.  Monday is the day we leave the MTC.  AndTuesday is the day we arrive in Japan.  And Wednesday is New Year's Day, and I get New Year's Day before all of you because Japan is sixteen hours ahead of Utah.  Mwah hah hah.  xP

The MTC has been a good experience.  Not easy, but lots of fun.  And I've learned a lot.  And now it's just about over.

Love you all!
~Elder Taylor (テイラー長老)

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