Sunday, December 15, 2013


So, we were sitting in class on Wednesday evening, studying some Japanese grammar, and someone came and told us that we going to do TRC over Skype in an hour.  (TRC is usually on Saturdays and in-person.)  So, an hour later, we were talking to a Church member in Japan.  o.0  It was 6pm Wednesday evening where we were and 10am Thursday morning where he was.  We understood maybe half of all the things he said, but it was fun.  ^___^

We got twenty-two new Japanese-speaking missionaries in our branch this week.  Two of them are from Australia, one from New Zealand, and one from Mexico.  (They don't teach Japanese at the Mexico MTC, apparently.)  It's been fun to talk with them about their first lesson and offer encouragement and advice and snacks and whatnot.  ^___^

Elder Quentin L. Cook came and spoke to us on Tuesday!  He's the third Apostle who's come to speak to us since I got here, and we almost got Elder Holland last week, too.  We've been blessed here.  ^__^

Hopefully today we'll get our schedule for Christmas day.  I'm excited.  ^___^  

~Elder Taylor (テイラー長老)

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