Monday, February 17, 2014

Epic Snow Service

I'm in Tama now, with Elder Peters as my companion.  We share the apartment with two other elders.  It's really nice having four elders in one area.  We get to divide assignments and chores and bounce ideas off each other, and extroverted Elder Peters has more people to talk to than introverted me.  Elder Peters is awesome.  He cooked peanut butter cookies in a frying pan last night, and they turned out better than the ones we put in the oven.

We had another big snow last week!  It's really unusual for this part of Japan.  I think I mentioned last week that the cities just aren't prepared to handle it.  Here in Tama we were helping vehicles of all shapes and sizes get unstuck, because they didn't have snowplows going on all the roads like they would in Utah.  On Saturday, there was one huge semi truck that got stuck on a main road by our apartment.  It had six wheels on each side.  The driver gave up, put his curtain up, smoked for a bit, and went to sleep, and that semi truck just sat there for a few hours.  Elder Peters and I and the other two elders were directing traffic around it when another Japanese person who had been helping with the snow came and found out what was going on.  He knocked on the driver's door and yelled at him for a bit, and then the driver was willing to cooperate while we helped him out. We alternated between pushing this semi truck and digging out the snow around the tires, and it took an hour or two, but we got this truck turned around.  By the time we finished there were about four or five other people helping out.

The other elders helped a few other huge semi trucks get unstuck, too.  I heard it's supposed to snow again this week.  This has been fun.


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