Monday, February 3, 2014

Going Digital

Each missionary in the Tokyo and Tokyo South missions now has an iPad Mini.  Along with it came a new app which serves as both my planner and area book (with all of the area's teaching records).  We can also use it to show videos and pictures when we're teaching or talking with people. It's quite handy.  ^__^  I heard that we're the first missions outside of the United States to get these.  It's also possible that our mission will be going online in the near-ish future.  A lot of the missionaries in the U.S. are already using Facebook in their missionary work.
I'm really happy that we get to use iPads in our work.  I love technology.  ^__^
Every Japanese dwelling has this area at the entrance called the "genkan".  When you enter the genkan, you always take your shoes off before going any further into the house.  Always.  The shoes you wear may not touch the floor of the house.  Sometimes Elder Otsuka will realize he forgot something as we're heading out the door, and then he'll take off just one shoe and then hop on one foot in order to retrieve whatever it was he forgot.  (Slippers are okay to wear inside the house.  But shoes are forbidden.)

This is our church building!~ The classrooms and offices are all on the second floor.  We only have one ward that meets here.

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