Monday, February 24, 2014

Life in Tama

The main train station in our area is at Tama Center.  All of the
light-post-banners and directional signs in the area portray Hello
Kitty characters and the words "Hello Kitty's Town", and there's a big
Hello Kitty display thing in the middle of the plaza.  That's where we
hand out Eikaiwa (English class) fliers.

Our ward mission leader put together a pizza party/talent show on
Saturday.  We invited our students from Eikaiwa and everyone else in
the area we knew, and we had fun.  There are quite a few musicians in
Tokyo.  One of our investigators played the organ, one of our Eikaiwa
students played his harmonica, and one of the other missionaries'
friends rocked out with his guitar.  Then the next day, the ward did a
big sandwich party right after church.  That was also fun.  ^__^

Elder Peters and I were walking through the park one day on our way to
Tama Center, and we ran into a huge group of elementary school kids
who were eager to use the little bit of English they knew.  One of
them came up to us and said, "I want to be a game creator!" XD

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