Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Muffin Defenestration

This is transfer week.  Yesterday it seemed like nobody (not even mission headquarters) knew whether transfer calls would be today or tomorrow, but they happened today.  Elder Peters is transferring out, and I'm staying in Tama.  My new companion (whom I will meet on Thursday) is Elder Medlyn.  I hear he was on the mission tech staff at one point.

I turned 20 years old last Thursday.  That means I'm legally an adult in Japan now.  Elder Peters turns 20 this Wednesday, and one of the sister missionaries in our area turns 21 on the 30th, so last Saturday we had a big birthday party with investigators and ward members and Costco pizza.  That was fun.

The youth in our ward have been working on a filming project this past weekend for their youth conference.  After church yesterday we were in the parking lot outside the Young Women's room, and they were all dressed up as Studio Ghibli characters and were having a filming party in that room.  They opened their window and started defenestrating their extra muffins to us (because people just like to give food to missionaries, I guess).

I love teaching the word "defenestrate" to Japanese people who are learning English.  Which reminds me, last week I learned the Japanese phrase 「ちゃぶ台返し」(chabudai gaeshi), which literally means "flipping a table".  x3

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