Monday, March 17, 2014

Vacuum-Packed Train

Today's Japanese word of the day is "tsukareta".  It means worn out and tired.  There's something about shopping, particularly at Costco, that makes me want to take a nap afterwards.  xP  I'm not even sure why we went to Costco today.  The four of us elders went there with one of the YSA (young single adults) from our ward.  We got there, ate at the food court, and then we put a big bag of dinner rolls in the cart, wandered around for a little bit, and then our district leader looked at the shopping list and was like, oh, we can get all the rest of this at a different grocery store.  And then our YSA friend decided to get a punching bag while we were there.  He's going to give his couch to his girlfriend in order to make room for it in his tiny little apartment.  So we stuffed the dinner rolls into a backpack and then carried this 2'x3'x5' box all the way to the train station and took it onto the train with us.

Speaking of trains... On certain routes, at certain times of the day, trains get REALLY crowded.  For some reason we usually end up dealing with the absurdly crowded trains on our way to the temple.  Everybody
gets squished up against each other, and it seems like there really isn't any more room, and then even more people shove their way in and everyone gets squished even tighter.  Personal bubbles disappear.  And everybody is completely silent.

There weren't a lot of people on the train when we were carrying that big box.  I didn't even help carry the box and I was tired afterwards.  (I offered to help, pointing out that I was the only one out of us four who hadn't carried it yet, and then Elder Peters pointed out that I was also the only one who wasn't trying to become buff.)

So I guess the time difference between Tokyo and Utah is only fifteen hours now, since Daylight Savings happened.  They don't do Daylight Savings in Japan.  It feels kinda weird to think about for some reason.


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