Friday, March 7, 2014

Life is Good

Elder Peters came up with a fantastic analogy yesterday during church.   Imagine a nineteen-year-old-or-so kid who wants a better job.  In order to get that job, he has leave home and go to school.  He has to get supplies, like a backpack and school clothes and whatnot.   And then the kind of job he gets depends on how well he does on the tests at school: the better he does with the tests, the better the job.  Elder Peters likened this to the Plan of Salvation.  We left home and came here, and we got physical bodies (like students get school supplies), and the better we do on the tests in this life, the better things are after this life.

I saw a poster for The Hobbit on my way to get my hair cut today.  I didn't get to look at it very closely, though.  The guy who cut my hair had a Sephiroth haircut.  I found that amusing.  The digital piano in the Young Women's room in the church plays jazz music.  In Japan, you drive on the left-hand side of the road.  Elder Peters and I met someone the other week who complained about how Japanese people study English all through high school yet hardly ever seem to learn it.  (I studied Japanese for a bit in school and I hardly learned any of it, so I guess it goes both ways?)  I felt like these thoughts were all too short to get their own paragraphs, so I just lumped them all together.

I love Japanese people.


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